Blue Flame

Blue Flame is the second single from our Draw The Line album. It's one of our favourites of all the songs we've recorded with Tracey over the years and even before its release has seen plenty of radio play and compilation interest. The Feel Good Lost guys, Brendan and Conal, have made a lovely atmospheric video to go with it...

On the virtual flip side of the single is a pair of more dancefloor friendly numbers - a chunky new dub version of Blue Flame and one of the more popular house tracks on the album, Find A Way. You can check them all out below and you can pick up the release from your download store of choice from November 9th. iTunes - Traxsource - Beatport - Juno


Being Supreme

The first single from our Draw The Line album is called Being Supreme. It's available from Traxsource on June 13th, with the full release to follow on June 22nd. It's being played by fine DJs such as Atjazz, Trickski, Nacho Marco and Xpress 2 and is busily climbing DMC's influential Zzub chart at the moment. You can check the video below (thanks to Feel Good Lost) and read some of the nice things reviewers have been saying about it...

"Taken from their forthcoming album this new single from Irish duo Fish Go Deep is pure tension and release. Starting with a slinky, fairly standard minimal intro everything melts away after the first minute, backing away as if to make room for the incoming bass line. And for a moment the bass line steals the show, thick and dense as it is. But the other elements gradually fall back in - spongy drums and chanted vocals and a deep piano refrain. It builds out layer after layer, the feel taught like elastic at breaking point whilst the vocals continue to chant "We are so.... Deep". And deep it is, at least until those vocals break into a rally that culminates in a fantastic break, like a pressure release. 'Being Supreme' is a big, bold house record." Black Plastic

"Fish Go Deep have released an excellent, and I mean excellent, lead single from their new album, Draw The Line, forthcoming on the pairs own label Go Deep Recordings. Very much obsessed with the original track at the moment – a beautifully constructed symphony of deep keys and classic Rhodes chords come together amidst an effortlessly uplifting, and equally odd chant, that you’ll just have to listen to to understand – nonetheless very effective." Dance Til You're Dead

"No cure and no cause, just a very good reason to make this new track from Fish Go Deep our tune of the day. It’s lovely and although a bit more up-tempo than we like to be on a Monday, its deep groove and chants just make it ideal listening. Two mixes to choose from, both equally good, although not that different. Our preferred choice is the original with its piano chords, Rhodes keys, infectious 4/4 beats and the choir/gospel style chant that plays throughout it. Such a catchy groove." Just A Wee Music Blog

"The Irish house duo make a welcome return with a peak time floor filler that works first rate drum programming, low end piano hooks and addictive feel good chanting, that gives off a bit of a so hip it hurts downtown New York vibe." DMC World


East West Connections

In the grand tradition of our jet-setting Irish politicians, we will be heading off to exotic locales next weekend to celebrate the festival of St Patrick - patron saint of not only Ireland but also Nigeria (true), engineers (also true) and over-compressed kick drums (erm).

On Saturday the 17th, Greg will be joining the good people of Waterford for a Re:Publik party in Crystal. Two rooms of music with Yousef holding down one, Greg the other and a whole host of local deejays also representing. Should be a biggie.

The following night, Sunday the 18th, Shane will be heading west to Limerick for a late night session in Baker's Place. First time back in this venue for many years and the first of a series of parties there, so very much looking forward to it.


Go Deep, Friday 24th February

Towards the end of each month a little excitement starts to build in the studio. Sometimes the previous weeks have been spent deep in the music machines. Sometimes we've been traveling. Sometimes, if the weather has been good, we've been sitting on our arses, watching the world go by. The last week of the month, though, is always special. The new tracks that have accumulated since the last Go Deep party are added to any classics that have sprung to mind. Early in the week we might hear word from friends around the country that are planning a trip south. If it's a big night - the birthday party in November or around Christmas - it can get a bit crazy. If it's a regular month - say February - it's more relaxed. But regardless of the time of year or what we've been up to for the previous few weeks, Go Deep is always our highlight of the month.

It helps that we've been playing this music here in Cork across a generation - for today's Go Deep regulars in the Pavilion, for their older brothers and sisters before them,  even for some of their parents, aunts and uncles before them again. That's a deep well to draw on and, if tapped in to, can be more satisfying than any other place we've played over the years.
So, as it's the last week of the month, we're in a Go Deep state of mind. We'll be in the Pavilion on Friday night. Get down!

The Magic Carpet (Fish Go Deep Remix) - Latecomer

This track was originally released on the fabulously named Trendy Mullet label back in 2010. It's a dreamy, jazzily percussive groove that slides and glides it's way under your skin. We played it a lot on our radio show at the time. It was a suprise to discover that Latecomer is a young Russian producer, not some seasoned house veteran. Check out the original mix below...

When head Mullet, Matt, recently asked us to pick a track from his label's back catalogue to remix, The Magic Carpet immediately sprung to mind. After a couple of false starts, the Juno 106 started working it's deep bass magic, that slurping hi-hat groove started swinging and we were off. As neither Greg nor myself are trained musicians, we find Melodyne Editor invaluble for figuring out chord sequences, rearranging them and extracting fragments of sound. It's an amazing piece of software that has developed into something far beyond it's original auto-tuning use. If you've thirty minutes to spare, there's a great interview with it's inventor, Peter Neubäcker, here.

Aside from the Juno and Melodyne, the other star of this particular remix was Urs Heckmann's beautiful new Diva soft synth. There are plenty of purely virtual machines that give their real world counterparts a run for their money but, for me, a Moog or a classic Roland is always going to sound better. Diva comes closer than any soft synth I've used to matching that sound. It has a deep, rich and, most importantly, musical tone that makes you want to play. It does put a serious strain on a computer's CPU but, for such a high quality return, I reckon that's an acceptable trade-off. We were using a beta version of Diva during this remix and didn't delve too deeply into it then but it's since become a staple in our plug-in folder.

Anyway, that was all a roundabout way of saying that the remix is now available and you should definitely buy at least one copy here.