We spend a good chunk of each November trawling through thousands of records, picking out the big 'uns, the deep dubs and the half-forgotten obscurities that will soundtrack the Go Deep Birthday Party (TM).

It used to be an occasion that we eyed with a degree of trepidation, maybe feeling too much of a responsibility to cover such a huge period and wide range of music. Late 80s Chicago: check. Jersey garage: check. Obscure Italian: check. Flippin' Detroit b-sides: check. 

But the longer it goes on - this year is twenty seven - the more straightforward it becomes. From experience, we know we're going to miss out on tracks that you want to hear and we know we're going to forget tracks that we want to hear. But we also know that it's going to be a fantastic party that celebrates decades of timeless music and the community that's built up around it here in Cork. 

Doors 9PM. €12 plus booking fee. Facebook action here. Tickets here. Photo by Billie.