The Magic Carpet (Fish Go Deep Remix) - Latecomer

This track was originally released on the fabulously named Trendy Mullet label back in 2010. It's a dreamy, jazzily percussive groove that slides and glides it's way under your skin. We played it a lot on our radio show at the time. It was a suprise to discover that Latecomer is a young Russian producer, not some seasoned house veteran. Check out the original mix below...

When head Mullet, Matt, recently asked us to pick a track from his label's back catalogue to remix, The Magic Carpet immediately sprung to mind. After a couple of false starts, the Juno 106 started working it's deep bass magic, that slurping hi-hat groove started swinging and we were off. As neither Greg nor myself are trained musicians, we find Melodyne Editor invaluble for figuring out chord sequences, rearranging them and extracting fragments of sound. It's an amazing piece of software that has developed into something far beyond it's original auto-tuning use. If you've thirty minutes to spare, there's a great interview with it's inventor, Peter Neubäcker, here.

Aside from the Juno and Melodyne, the other star of this particular remix was Urs Heckmann's beautiful new Diva soft synth. There are plenty of purely virtual machines that give their real world counterparts a run for their money but, for me, a Moog or a classic Roland is always going to sound better. Diva comes closer than any soft synth I've used to matching that sound. It has a deep, rich and, most importantly, musical tone that makes you want to play. It does put a serious strain on a computer's CPU but, for such a high quality return, I reckon that's an acceptable trade-off. We were using a beta version of Diva during this remix and didn't delve too deeply into it then but it's since become a staple in our plug-in folder.

Anyway, that was all a roundabout way of saying that the remix is now available and you should definitely buy at least one copy here.



Go Deep @ The Pavilion, 27.1.2012

It's party time at The Pavilion next Friday night for the first Go Deep outing of 2012. We have so much great new music to play that we're starting a bit earlier than usual - 10PM - to fit it all in. Can't wait. To sweeten the deal further, you can win some passes in the competition running over on our Facebook page...


Commencing countdown, engines on....

Only ten more sleeps until our biggest blowout of the year - the Go Deep Birthday Party (TM) - and we hope you're as excited as we are. We've already begun the annual trawl through the record shelves, looking for just the right mix of classics from two-and-a-bit decades of house music. Despite what a few jaded thirty/forty-somethings may yearn for, the birthday party isn't intended as a mix-perfect recreation of June 1992 - y'know when they still made good house/techno/yokes. We like to think of it more as a celebration of the entire span and enduring appeal of house music in Cork. And everyone who enjoys the music is welcome, from the twenty year old who's recently discovered house to grizzled veterans like us who, frankly, should know better! Can't wait.


Git yo tees

We've recently hooked up with those fine folk at JoJo Electro to bring you a couple of all-new and exclusive tee shirt designs. Printed on high quality American Apparel tees and available for both the female and male of your species, these Fish Go Deep and Go Deep Recordings shirts may be just the thing for your next casual social occasion/upcoming birthday/festive celebration. Get them here.


Looong weekend...

We like regular weekends a lot so you can imagine how excited we get when a long one comes around. What's not to like about 50% more weekend? This particular October bank holiday sees a Fish Go Deep sweep from Glasgow's Elements of Soul party on Friday night, to Cork City FC's league title-deciding match in Dublin on Saturday, then on to what promises to be an epic Go Deep session on Sunday in Cork's Pavilion Theatre. Can't wait. Hope to see some of you at some stage.