Become a Fish Go Deep Radio Supporter

We've been broadcasting a radio show in some form or other for more than twenty years. Beginning with the just-about-there signal of Dross FM back in the mid 90s in Cork, then on to the comparatively professional pirate set up of Radio Friendly later in the decade, before going fully legit with Red FM in the early 2000s. After a twelve year stretch, our final weekly show aired on Red in June 2016.

The podcast version of the show came into being towards the end of 2008 and, to date, has been downloaded nearly two million times around the globe. Regular listeners will know that the focus is very much on new music. We showcase new releases, young producers and feature many tracks that don't necessarily fit into a late night club set. It's an important outlet for these releases and it's an integral part of what we do as DJs.

The podcast has always been (and will continue to be) free to download but, as it's no longer being subsidised by a radio station, we've decided to introduce an option for listeners to help cover the costs.

If you'd like to chip in and become a supporter of the show, you'll get our undying affection and the warm, fuzzy feeling of patronage. But that's not all...

Supporters will also receive:

  • a monthly classic mix from the Sweat/Go Deep archive

  • Higher quality (320kbps) download of each podcast

  • Digital download of So Far So Deep Vol One, a twenty track compilation of Fish Go Deep productions and remixes

  • Two-hour Mixtape of our favourite dancefloor tracks of the year, exclusive to supporters

  • Downloads of live mixes (320kbps) from the Go Deep Thirty birthday parties, exclusive to supporters

  • Access to our complete podcast archive with Tracklists

  • a digital download of the most recent release on our Go Deep Recordings label and digital downloads of all future releases

  • 20% off all music - vinyl, CDs and digital - in our Bandcamp store

  • a bi-monthly classic mix from the Sweat/Go Deep mixtape archive

  • regular digital freebies and rarities from the Fish Go Deep back catalogue

€5 per month will get you all the above (or €50 per year if you'd prefer). And, of course, you can cancel at any stage.
If you'd rather a once-off €10 payment, we'll send you links to download the Fish Go Deep compilation and our Best of 2016 mixtape.
And if money's too tight to mention, you can support the show by spreading the word among your friends or leaving a review on iTunes. It all helps.

Check out the radio page for the the options.

Thanks for listening,
Greg and Shane